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Take the Mystery Out of Lead Generation

Get a step-by-step plan to grow your commercial real estate business.


Growing your Commercial Real Estate Leads
Should NOT be a Mystery

  • Your business isn’t growing as fast as you want.

  • You are up against big brokerages with bigger budgets.

  • You are worried you may never reach your potential

  • You worry you will stay invisible forever.

  • You keep wondering when things will “pick up”.

  • You are wondering which path will lead to success.

You don’t have to wonder what to do next.  Join Wealthy CRE Bootcamp and get everything you need to grow your business and your leads list.


Get everything you need to
Grow your Commercial Real Estate Business

Joining Wealthy CRE is as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

OneGet Access.

TwoFollow the Lessons.

ThreeGrow your Leads!


What do I get with
Wealthy CRE?

  • Access to ALL On-Demand Courses

  • Professional Marketing Plan for CRE

  • Modern Templates

  • Content written for commercial real estate

  • Step-by-step automation tutorials

  • eBooks for lead capture

  • Modern techniques that get results

  • Prep Sheet for your Sales Message

  • 4 Pre-Written eBooks

  • 4 Listing Brochure Templates

  • 4 OM (Sales Package) Templates

  • Website content

  • Website building tutorial

  • 6 Investor Rep Welcome Emails

  • 6 Landlord Rep Welcome Emails

  • 6 Tenant Rep Welcome Emails
  • 3 Leave-Behind Flyers
  • 5 Investor Rep Cold Emails
  • 5 Landlord Rep Cold Emails
  • 5 Tenant Rep Cold Emails
  • Follow Up Systems


If you are looking for an all-inclusive marketing package for commercial real estate, Wealthy CRE is for you.

How can you get more leads and revenue?

I don’t just give you the content and turn you away.  I provide step-by-step instructions, professional development plan, worksheets, workbooks, and assessments to ensure you are traveling on the right path.

Meet your Guide

My name is Brandy and I’m on a mission. I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.

In Wealthy CRE I’ll teach you everything I know about building agency-style marketing systems, give you all the content and templates you need for success, and provide you with step-by-step tutorials to make your journey easy.

When you sign up with Wealthy CRE, you’ll not only get access to marketing specifically made for commercial real estate – you’ll also get everything you need to make your business growth a reality.  Get started by enrolling today.

Here’s how it works…

Targeting ►

Let’s nail down your target market as a commercial real estate pro and attract the deals you want.

Cold Lists ►

I’ll show you how to build an automated system that will warm up those cold commercial real estate leads lists.

Get Materials ►

Grab 4 listing brochure templates, 4 offering memorandum templates, 4 pre-written ebooks.  Materials we’ll use to generate leads.

Website ►

Build your own Lead Generating Website.  Leads will funnel into an automated welcome sequence designed to convert.

Marketing ►

I’ll teach you how to run your blog, social media and content marketing strategy with a hands-free automation.

Your Listings ►

Turn those listings around as fast as possible.  Get your listing in front of hundreds of thousands of eyes in one shot.

Follow-Up ►

I’ll show you how to build an easy, automated follow-up system.  Get the most out of your leads.

Budget & Goals ►

My system, when used as instructed, will cost under $170 per month to maintain.  EVERYONE can afford that.

Attract More Leads & Clients
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Number 1 Excuse to not making money in CRE?

“It’s a good ole’ boys club.”

I’ll be honest. That club sounds boring.

You can bring in fat checks without a good ole’ boy in sight. Seriously. You don’t have to pretend to enjoy aged steak that smells like roadkill (was that just my experience?) to make bank in this business.

The fact is, most commercial real estate pros don’t do enough marketing to make those top 6-figures, let alone 7-figures:

You. Don’t. Do. Enough. Marketing.

Here’s why that can be a massive problem:

Marketing is a numbers game. You need to get in front of enough people to effectively bring in leads.


3 Reasons Most Commercial Real Estate Pros Generally Fail to Get New Clients


You started a blog and posted once. You ran a banner ad for a month and didn’t renew. You started a newsletter but found it difficult to conjure up content.

This is usually one of two things. (1) You gave up too early. It takes a lot of repetition to get a sale. (2) You did it all yourself. Don’t be afraid to hire someone or use swipe copy to get started.


The definition of insanity is repeating the same quote over and over again. Haha!

Stop looking in the same places for leads. No matter what your target market, there are tons of places to find the clients your looking for. Most of the time, in a conveniently downloaded list.


Not having a standardized follow-up system will kill your market strategy.

This can be automated. Set-it-and-forget-it. There are tons of resources and materials available for you to up your game.


The ole’ boys club means nothing when your leads are flowing.

When your lead funnel is pulling contacts from multiple sources, you don’t need that (I’m just spit balling here) cigar smoke filled room, swirling some expensive wine that smells like wet dog, and fake laughing at bad jokes.

Ugh…how is this not everyone’s nightmare?

Here’s how it all breaks down…



• Specialization
• Competitive Analysis
• Target your Market
• Branding



• Leads Lists: How to get them
• Cold Emails
▹ 5 Investor Rep Cold Emails
▹ 5 Landlord Rep Cold Emails
▹ 5 Tenant Rep Cold Emails
• Growing your Leads List
• Automate your Cold Calls



• Pain Points
20 Essential Questions – Prep Sheet for your Sales Message
• Telling your Story
• Marketing Basics
• Listing Brochure & Sales Packages / OMs
4 Listing Brochure Templates
4 OM / Sales Package Templates
Edit in Google Slides
• eBooks
▹ 4 Pre-Written eBooks
Edit in Google Slides



• Website Content
▹ Pre-Written Website Content 
• Building a Basic Website tutorial
• Email Welcome Sequence
▹ 6 Investor Rep Welcome Emails
▹ 6 Landlord Rep Welcome Emails
▹ 6 Tenant Rep Welcome Emails
• Automate your Follow-up
• Mailchimp Integration – Advanced



• Marketing Yourself, the Basics
• Content Marketing & Social Media
• Batching Makes your Life Easier
• Website, Driving traffic to it
• Website, Basic SEO



• Basics of Marketing Listings
• Advertising Listings Via Mass Email
• Are Mailers Dead? Email vs Mailers.



• Follow Up Systems
• Newsletters – Getting Started
• Email Blasts that Don’t Suck



• Deciding on a Marketing Budget
• Setting and Measuring Goals
• Tracking your Results


Join Wealthy CRE Today

Get Cool Stuff…

All Included in Wealthy CRE Bootcamp.

An agency would charge At LEAST ~$20,000 for the materials alone!

Add in the automations you’re looking at ~$30,000.


Average commission on a small sale is $3,000. Only takes two-thirds of a sale to breakeven.  I like those odds.

Hi, I’m Brandy.

My mission is simple.

I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.

I worked in magazines, agencies, software, product marketing, statistical analysis, ad management, every kind of marketing job you can think of, I did the damn thing.​ After all those jobs, it became clear. Commercial real estate is where my heart is.

Agents and brokers don’t have the time and energy to do the marketing necessary to reach the high six and seven digit incomes. And, to make matters worse, most brokerages do not offer marketing. If they do, the purpose of the in-house marketing team is to turnaround listings, not to market the agents. That’s up to the agent. That means you have to sell AND do marketing??

I’ll give you everything to build an agency-style marketing system (easily and quickly!) with pre-written templates and step-by-step instructions. It’s possible, my friend. You can have agency style marketing at a fraction of the cost.


It was difficult to find someone who understood commercial real estate and technology.  It’s uplifting to work with someone who understands both commercial real estate and marketing.  Brandy and her team were extremely responsive and added so much content and insight to the process. They also helped me find other programs and sources I needed to grow my online presence.

Eric Ligman - Director, Bosshardt Realty Services

For almost a decade, Brandy and I have been working together on my commercial real estate brokerage’s marketing.  She is always coming up with new advice to help my brokerage grow.  I would recommend Brandy to anyone who wants an effective marketer for their business.

Cindy Hopkins, CCIM – Broker, CHRE

Brandy has been essential to the growth of our firm.  My business partners and client were delighted with Brandy’s attention to detail and quality of work. Unlike other marketing companies I’ve worked with, Brandy understands the commercial real estate industry inside and out. She is a viable resource and partner, and I look forward to continuing our business partnership for years to come. Brandy has my highest recommendation.

Brandon K. Smart, CCIM – President , Smart Equity

In commercial real estate investing, it’s almost impossible to find someone who understands the industry and knows marketing.  We were happy to find someone with expertise in both.

Zoe Torres – Director, Sterling Investors

If you want real marketing and a website that generates leads effectively – Brandy has got you covered.

Peter Jacob - Principal at Rubicon, Rubicon Realty

I’ve worked with many marketing firms in my career and it’s refreshing that Brandy knows commercial real estate marketing.

Stu Sell – Broker, SSS Commercial Real Estate

Brandy has expertise in commercial real estate marketing and will provide advice and suggests quality outside vendors to get our needs met.

Marie Farrar – Director of Marketing, Verita Real Estate

It is wonderful to work with a marketing professional with actual commercial real estate expertise. It’s a difficult combination to find.

Ted Knoell – Broker, Realty Economic Advisors

If you want real marketing and a website that generates leads effectively – Brandy has got you covered.  Brandy is extremely quick to respond to questions and provides great customer service.

Shelley Nachtigall, APR - Sr. Marketing Coordinator, Net Lease Capital Markets

I’ve been working with Brandy for over 5 years.  I really appreciate her commercial real estate expertise and always feel like she is on top of everything.

Joody Andre - Marketing Director, TCRE

I started working with Brandy over 6 years ago.  It’s nice to have someone in my corner that knows both online technology and commercial real estate.

Efi Luzon - Nation's Leading Commercial Real Estate Agent, Intero Capital Markets

It was refreshing working with someone in marketing that understands commercial real estate.

Tim Warren - Senior Vice President, NAI Northern California

Brandy has been a pleasure to work with.  Most importantly, she takes the time to understand the goals of her clients and will do everything in her power to make it happen.

John Slyman - Broker, New England Apartment Group

I’ve worked with many marketing firms in my career and it’s refreshing that Brandy knows commercial real estate marketing.

Karen S. Miller - Broker/Controller, Varnum/Armstrong/Deeter, LLC

If you want effective marketing that will get you more clients, look no further.

Steve Gamez - Broker, PRS Properties

Brandy is an expert in her field and knows how to utilize her deep knowledge of commercial real estate marketing.  You will find that Brandy is not only professional, but also pleasant and affordable.

Ray Regan - Qualifying Broker, R3 CRE

We have been working with her for years and the experience has been very pleasant.  She has a knack of setting up lead generation through the website that’s has increased our active hits exponentially.   Anyone looking for a creative, experienced, and very customer friendly I strongly recommend Brandy Quick.

David Flayhan - Principal / Managing Partner, Colonial Realty

It’s a pleasure to work with Brandy as she is knowledgeable in commercial real estate and marketing, which is a difficult combination to find.

Craig Melton – Broker, Colonial Realty

This program is for you if:

• You’re ready to up your marketing game.
• You’re ready to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible.
• You’re ready to change your process to get more sales.
• You’re ready to automate the bulk of your marketing strategy.
• You’re ready to update your marketing game – without breaking the bank. (I give realistic strategies; I don’t assume your Jeff Bezo’s heir.)

This program is NOT for you if:

• You think clicking the link will MAGICALLY make you top-six to seven figures.
Note: I do my best to make this as effort-LESS as possible, but it’s not effort-none.

The 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This is an enormous amount to give people for such a small amount of money.

It’s extremely low-risk.

Months of work and years of study and experience have gone into creating these lessons.

You’ll know whether or not you hate my face within 7-days.


Questions people asked before saying “I’m in!!” to the Lead Gen → Sales Bootcamp.

Q: If this is as good as you say, why is it so cheap?

Every client ever: “I’m in Phoenix next week. Can I buy you a coffee and pick your brain?”

Bruh, all you’re getting outta me in exchange for a $4 latte is, “Marketing is a numbers game. See yah!” Wealthy CRE Bootcamp is every piece of marketing I’ve ever written (blogs, newsletters, videos, etc) in one easily consumable package.

Q: Who is Wealthy CRE Bootcamp for?

Anyone in commercial real estate industry will find this information helpful. The folks in brokerage, sales and property management will find it the most helpful. However, developers and property owners looking to market their own buildings will find this extremely helpful.

Q: Will this work for me if I only want to do a little bit of marketing?

YES! You can choose one thing and ramp up over time.

Q: I’m looking at a few courses right now, what makes yours different?

Wealthy CRE Bootcamp is about marketing your commercial real estate business. MARKETING. Not contracts or sales or processes – it’s about how to get in front of people, grow your leads list, and convert leads into sales.

Q: How long will it take me to get through the course?


Q: Will there be plenty of examples to illustrate what I’m supposed to do?

YES! Lessons include a PDF with clickable links for the tools I suggest and/or content and tons of resources.

Q: I’m already pretty good at marketing. Is this course just for beginners?

Beginner or seasoned marketer in CRE – you’ll find this course a great source of information, ideas, swipe-friendly content, and resources to make your life easier.

Q: I’m uncomfortable sending emails and doing marketing. I feel like it will make me look desperate.

Good news! Using the marketing strategies in this course will make you look “on the ball” without being annoying or desperate.

Q: What if I don’t have a leads list?

How to gather a leads list is in Week #2.

Q: How long will I have access to this course?

At this time, I am offering, “until the foreseeable future”. I may change this in the future.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

Yes! In the first 7-days after your purchase.

Q: What if I need support?

There are several points in the course where I ask you for your opinion on topics you would like to cover. Please send me ideas and they might be added to the bonus section! Any technical support or other questions can be send to me through the Contact Us page.

Grab your Wealthy CRE Bootcamp access Today!

Start generating leads and making sales like a BOSS.

Automate your leads strategy • Specialize without losing clients • Grow your Leads Lists hands-free • Automate your cold calls • Clarify your Message • 4 Listing Brochure templates • 4 Offering Memorandum templates • Pre-written eBook templates • Build your Website Tutorial • 3 Welcome Email Sequences (18 Pre-written emails) • 3 Cold Email Sequences (15 Pre-written emails) • Setup your Follow-up Systems • Getting started on Newsletters • Tracking your Results • And More!